About us

Who is Club SatNight and what is it? Club SatNight is a club that prides itself on being different. We are not only different, we are unique. What makes Club SatNight unique? Everything we do and stand for makes us different from other clubs in Glasgow. Club SatNight came about because we wanted something more. We visited a lot of different clubs near and far, and we found the experience of each club was not as satisfying as it could have been. There were not nearly enough things for the guests do or have, such as beverages, snacks, and more than one form of entertainment. While we were there, me and the co-owner, who is my best friend, compiled all the information we found and vowed to make it better.

We spent years thinking of services we could offer and how we could change the guest’s experience. We hit the road and visited more clubs and asked guests what they thought of the club, whether they would visit again or find another club. A lot of the guests said they would find another club because the atmosphere was plain and basic, and the prices were too high and were not offered anything. Keeping this in mind, my best friend and I made thousands of lists of items and services we could incorporate into our club and keep the guests 100 percent happy. This is when we thought of having live music events, including life at 5, which is a super hit. During our planning, we made sure we would not have competition with any club. In order to achieve this goal, we made our entry fee lower and included complimentary water, wine, a variety of music genres, pools, and of course, the 8 room club that features the famous black light parties.

Next, we worked on food. We’re not a restaurant, but when you’re having a good time, it’s nice to have a light snack or two, so we made it happen. We offer light snacks, some of which are traditional and others that are signature to Club SatNight. The light snacks are so popular, we are thinking about adding a few more snacks to add a little variety to the menu. We welcome new and current guests to give us their input on what they would like to eat.

The other issue guests had with the clubs they attended was the music. Once again, we took notes and made our club better. This is the reason we have 8 rooms in Club SatNight. Each room features a different genre of music. No guest wants to listen to the same type of music the entire night or maybe they do, but we give our guests the option to switch their tone and mood of music if they wish, and that’s one of the primary reasons we are ahead of the competition. We do everything we do for our guests so they can have a great time and visit us again. Our guests make us great, and we appreciate them! If you are interested in becoming a member, visit us or contact us via phone or email so you can have even more fabulous perks! It’s a great day to be awesome. Come and join us. Everyone is welcome at Club SatNight. Come and check us out!