Club SatNight hosts live music festivals on the weekends, and it’s always a blast! We have artists from all over the globe to come and share their music with us. Some of these artists include Eddi Reader, Adele, Simple Minds, The Blue Nile, Travis, Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, and many more. Music makes a lot of our guests feel alive, and when it’s a safe place, you are free to let go and relax. Many of the events we host are quickly sold out. A lot of our guests enjoy live music and the atmosphere we provide. We still have the same security we have at Club SatNight to ensure everyone is safe, and have peace of mind knowing they are safe.

Our club offers a lot of popular live music events, with one of the most popular events being life at 5. Life at 5 is a live music event that features 5 new artists, food, and wine. This event starts at 5. We also offer a star watch event where you listen to smooth music while stargazing. Stargazing is a popular event that blew up overnight and draws in hundreds of people each week.

At Club SatNight, we change events every week and offer new events at the end of the month. We listen to our guests and make changes according to what they would like to change or add to the events. We’re all about making our guests happy and enjoying music. We enjoy getting compliments from guests telling us how they love our new look, improvements we’ve made or changes they would like to see in the future. Without our guests, Club SatNight would not be the huge success it is today. It took years of planning to make this club a huge hit, and today, we are living the dream.

We enjoy hosting events because it gives new guests a chance to get to know the staff and the club. Most of the new guests that check out SatNight turn into regular customers. The events we offer give back to many communities in Glasgow. We charge a flat rate for each event, and the proceeds go to different organizations and charities across the city of Glasgow.

At the moment, we are working on a wine and cheese event which will involve live music, a variety of wines and cheeses, and painting. We are hoping this new event will be as successful as our other ones. Our events are created to bring the community together, socialize, and make new friends. We try to host a variety of events that occur during the day and night so everyone has a chance to experience Club SatNight. Artists love performing here, and guests love listening to new music. A lot of the time, artists make songs that can only be heard at the events. At the end of each month, all of the artists come together and have a music fest that includes food, pictures, beverages, and an awesome time! The events at Club SatNight are where awesome memories are made.