Situated in Scotland’s western Lowlands, and largest city in Scotland is Glasgow. There are many different things to see and do here whether you’re touring the city or live here.Take part in heritage and art, outdoor and family activities, amazing food, and excellent accommodations.


The museums of Glasgow have a little in store for everyone, including art and science museums. For art lovers, there is the House for an Art Lover. While you’re here, enjoy frequent arts themed events and insight into the mind of the renowned talent and architect, Charles Mackintosh. This museum offers a wedding venue, music room, cafe, and scenic surroundings.

If you’re into all things science, the Glasgow Science Centre is a place for families to enjoy themselves while learning new things. Enjoy the IMAX cinema and learn cool facts about the human body. You can easily lose track of time while visiting this science center, so try to keep track of time! There are family and adult events that include, little explorer days, deaf science club, birthday parties and more. Adult events feature lectures by David Elder, a full experience of the dome, and a wonderful planetarium event. The entire family will enjoy the Glasgow Science Centre.

Sights and Landmarks

If you are interested in sight-seeing, Glasgow has quite a few sighs and landmarks you will appreciate. The Necropolis is a landmark of the city of the dead. This landmark is a cemetery that is one of the most significant in Europe. Patrolled by Park Rangers, this landmark is a popular attraction. Many of Glasgow’s most respected and famous citizens are buried here.

The Glasgow Cathedral is another popular landmark that features stained glass and unique architecture. For more than 800 years, this medieval Cathedral has been used for worship purposes. The Glasgow Cathedral has a popular attraction called the Blackadder Aisle which was created and named after Archbishop Blackadder during the 1500’s. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures while you’re here!

Nature and Parks

Calling all nature lovers! The Botanic Gardens and Kibble Palace have exotic plants and greenhouses. What’s not to love? This is a nature lover’s dream come true. This botanical garden was established in the 1990’s and continues to thrive as a popular attraction. While you’re visiting, enjoy the tea room. Set aside at least two hours so you have time to enjoy the scenery.

Nature lovers enjoy Linn Park because it’s nature at its best. This well-maintained property is perfect for walking and enjoying the fresh air. One of the most popular features of this park is the waterfall. You don’t want to visit Linn Park without a camera!

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