uk’s best casino bonuses awards

UK best casino bonuses awards

The UK Casino awards are supported and enhanced by industry insiders as well as gaming clients from all tiers in the gaming world. When the organizers came in for the event, we had difficulty understanding the business they were working in. They tried to explain it and showed us some work of the nominees. We were really fascinated and very excited for this upcoming event, because it was going to be big.

What is online gambling?

Any form of gambling which is played using a computer and/or mobile device. These online places offer sports betting, traditional casino games, video slots and a lot more. Online casino’s are regulated the same way as physical ones, but the benefit of online gambling is you can play anytime you feel like it and you don’t actually have to go to a physical casino.

When you play gambling games at a casino, you call this ‘offline gambling’. When you are playing through a computer and/or mobile device, you call this ‘online gambling’. A lot of casino operators use websites or mobile applications to offer games to the players.

For this events a lot of online casino’s which operate in the UK were nominated. They had different topics, like best website for uk casino bonuses, the best free spins casino no deposit bonus, the most user friendly, the best website design, de beste casino bonus website and a lot more.

They rented our venue for 2 days. There was a pre party which was very exclusive and only 100 guests were invited. We held this party in our small ballroom and the next day it was showtime, the award show!

One of the biggest awards was the best online bonuses, because in this business it’s all about the best offers. They announced a top 3 in the beginning of the awards. The top 3 included LeoVegas, Hello Casino and Casumo.

This was one of the biggest we had at Club SatNight and we are very happy we hosted this. The organisers were also very satisfied and they will use our venue next year and every following year!